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We want to make it easier than ever for you to get the response you want from your viewers and that is why we have developed our control panel so you can purchase views and likes within a matter of seconds.

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An increase in traffic often correlates with an increase in sales in today’s internet market. Stay, not one, but several steps ahead of the game by gaining new customers in a cost efficient and effective means!

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Tips on going viral

Just having a video won't make it popular. You need to go viral, or have it spread across the internet and social media like a wildfire

Customer Reviews

The biggest issue I find with other websites is that the customer service is really crappy once you have placed the order. Thank God I didn’t have to deal with it when I ordered on this website. Really Satisfied with the results!

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Price List

Here we have some of the services offered and prices. YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

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  • Plays $0.05/1000 (Rs 4)
  • Likes $5/1000 (Rs 325)
  • Repost $5/1000 (Rs 325)
  • Comments $1/100 (Rs 65)


  • Likes $2/1000 (Rs 130)
  • Post Likes $0.30/1000 (Rs 20)
  • Followers $2/1000 (Rs 130)
  • Comments $3/100 (Rs 195)

Youtube Views

  • Views $2/1000 (Rs 130)
  • likes $4/1000 (Rs 260)
  • comments $4/100 (Rs 260)
  • subscribers $3.5/100 (Rs 227)


  • Followers $2/1000 (Rs 130)
  • Likes $0.20/1000 (Rs 13)
  • Comments $1/100 (Rs 65)
  • Post views $1/1000 (Rs65)


  • Followers$3/1000 (Rs 195)
  • Views $/1000 (Rs 260)
  • Retweet $10/1000 (Rs 650)
  • Likes $10/1000 (Rs650)

  • Followers $2/100 (Rs 130)
  • hq hearts $3/100 (Rs 195)
  • hearts $2/100 (Rs 130)
  • Likes $2/100 (Rs 130)

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